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Monday, July 04, 2005

More progress

Now completed 872 in my first level. That's 124 in the last 11 days … an average of 11.3. Again, under the 16 per day average, but still fairly consistent with the last bout. I tend to do it in fits and starts. I hadn't completed many during the week, but then had a spurt at the weekend.

Not quite so depressed about it as I've finished the dreaded "Destruction of the pawn shelter". This went on for ages! I get through the easy problems quite quickly and then get stuck on the tricky ones. Maybe my idea of going through each of the tactical methods by group isn't so good - the original guidelines were to run through the problems in strict difficulty order (easiest to hardest).

I thought it might be interesting to record my scores in each of the tactical sections. Hopefully this will improve in future circles!
(1) Annihilation of defence - 56%
(2) Distraction - 54%
(3) Decoy - 64%
(4) Open attack - 63%
(5) Opening of a file - 52%
(6) Space clearance - 41% (!)
(7) X-ray attack - 64%
(8) Interception - 58%
(9) Blocking, encirclement - 59%
(10) Destruction of the pawn shelter - 43% (!)


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