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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Slowly progressing through the 40s

I am still plugging away at the 40s. I was concerned that I wasn't getting through them quickly enough, and this lead to me guessing answers. I've now decided to take it more slowly and take my time. I am letting myself think as much as I can about each problem and trying not to be concerned over how long it is taking.

This approach works much better - avoiding thinking that I must keep up with some schedule. As people have recommended previously - I am now trying to enjoy myself more and have fun solving the problems. Sometimes it is difficult to keep this approach in mind though, and the worry about timetables creeps into my head. Calling them all circles doesn't help - makes me think getting through them is the challenge, rather than actually learning!

So, with my new approach, I was pleasantly surprised to get full marks on the following problem (#721):

This is a fairly typical level 40 problem - there is a main checkmate theme, and a complication.

However, my new found confidence took a bit of a dent with the next problem (#669):

I just couldn't see the idea here at all.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Montse said...

Problem 721. I think it goes lake this: no not 'a song'
the big spoiler of the party is the queen. So 1 Rb4. Q moves (Qa3) and cannot defend the field g4. 2 Qh6 (forcing) KxQh6 3. Bf8+ Kh5 4. Be2 with mate.

Problem 669. Might go like that: indeed not a song.
1.Qh5 (forcing) gxh5 2. Rg3+ and you got a windmill on the 7th rank and I think mate will follow.

At 8:07 PM, Blogger Druss said...

Indeed - spot on.

Got the first one, didn't see the windmill in the second.

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Incredibly easy to do. . .but then, of course, when I did the de la Maza program, I memorized every single problem in Levels 10-50! [grin]

Glad to see I still remember these!

Keep plugging on. It does help!

At 9:11 PM, Blogger CelticDeath said...

I got 'em quickly, too. It's good to see these tactical problems become easier and easier with successive solvings.

At 7:58 AM, Blogger King of the Spill said...

I like your new approach. I am a big proponent of making the time spent on each group of questions flexible to one's level.

And if it's any consolation I missed the first and nailed the second.


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