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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Completed level 40

I have finally finished level 40, which is pleasing. I ended up with a score of 58%. So my scores for the first 4 levels are:
level 10 - 92%
level 20 - 80%
level 30 - 61%
level 40 - 58%

I've fallen below the recommended 60% threshold! So I'm wondering about continuing on, especially given the comments on my last post. But I think I'll have a bit of a go at some of the 50s, until I get frustrated.

Some of the 50s are easy, I solved this one (#832) straight off with no mistakes:

But then had my confidence dented with the following 50 where I didn't have a clue (913). Even now I still have problems remembering the solution.

There is definitely a pattern here - I struggle with the problems with a lot of pieces on the board. I am distracted by lots of sidelines which seem interesting, but don't lead to anything.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Montse said...

Hey Druss,

This is a combined problem. It's the bad placement of the Black Queen that is being focussed at. (No safe retreat squares for the black Queen). So the Question is how to capture the Q? If you can recognize that the Black Q is a bit unfortunate placed ( a bit off-line), the exercise becomes easier as now you have target. White is playing forcing moves against the black king to activate his own pieces and try to lock in the black Q.
So 1Bxf7+ forces black to capture otherwise Black looses Rook. It brings the Q on b3 with check and temporarily stalemating the black Queen. The rest is inducing an attack against the Black Queen. While she is a bait now but she is not easy to get. Good luck!


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